Diabetes changed my life. Christmas of 2008 I contracted Guillane-Barre Syndrome allegedly from the common flu shot. It rendered me paralyzed from the neck down and took the hospitalists at Saratoga Hospital three weeks to diagnose it.

After recovery I was left with full blown type two diabetes. I was overweight, smoked, and drank heavily. Atkins, Suzanne Sommers, Jenny Craig, Weightwatchers all had their hand at trying to get me to slim down. But inevitably the old hand to the mouth reflex had them beat.

Then we heard about Doctor Dmitri Baranov and his success rate using Bariatric Surgery. Upon discussing it with friends and family we found that many had already experienced this and the surgery had changed their lives.

I had the RNY surgery in November 16th, 2016 and it has truly changed my life. He is a consummate professional. He is the top in his field. He is very personable and a good listener. I would highly recommend my surgeon Doctor Dmitri Baranov to anyone for this life changing procedure. I am glad I did. I quit smoking, drinking, and my diabetes has turned the corner. He is weaning me off the high-blood pressure meds and I feel so much better. Two thumbs up!!