Lee Anne

From the initial seminar, consultation, and subsequent office visits, to my gastric bypass procedure 4 days ago, Dr. Baranov has been wonderful, caring, and professional. He explained what to expect pre-op and post-op in detail. I felt very comfortable asking him questions and he always treated me with te upmost respect. Dr. Baranov clearly stated his expectations associated with what I need to do and this approach is exactly what I need to be successful. Dr. Baranov saw me in the hospital before my surgery and I had no doubt that I had chosen a highly skilled, knowledgeable surgeon. He was available late the night of surgery for nurse's questions and saw me the day after surgery. The discharge plan was clear and concise. Dr. Baranov even called me the Sunday after surgery. I would highly recommend Dr. Baranov and his team if you are considering bariatric surgery. I am looking forward to continuing my journey with the tools that Dr. Baranov has provided me.