I went to Dr. Baranov back in Spring 2020, I had surgery scheduled for the Fall and the day before my surgery I called and backed out. Dr. B didn’t make me feel bad for backing out at that time, he simply asked why? And I told him it was because of what I heard (bad stories of getting the sleeve) and my fluid in take at that time was not so good. He told me that he rather me not have it done if I was not ready, and that he would be there when I thought I was. That was the best. He didn’t make me feel guilty or that I wasted time. He wanted ME to be ready.

Fast forward to this year 2022. I’m about a week now post op. When I was ready to start this process again, there was no hesitations or anything. I just needed to do what I needed to get done for the surgery, which was the fitness appointment, and psychological appointment and then I was pretty much heading my way to schedule the surgery. All the staff at his office are amazing and always willing to help. Dr. B actually called me tonight to check on me. It’s nice to know your Doctor cares about you.

I would recommend Dr. Baranov. He’s very thorough through his seminar, and very firm. He expects you to follow through for your best interest! 🙂

The nurses at Saratoga Hospital while I was there were amazing! I had Bryanna and she was awesome along with my overnight nurse. So caring and comforting.