Roughly 7 months ago me and my wife Lindsay wanted to take control of our health and be the best we can be so we took the initial plunge and researched bariatric surgeons and programs in the area and we landed on DR Baranov with Saratoga Hospital and it couldn’t have been a better choice. Me and my wife went through initial informational program where we found it to be very informative and laid a very good path for us to take. After we completed that we had our initial consult where we felt like we were important to all the staff and they had a detailed plan for me and my wife to start our process to getting gastric bypass. And in this consult me and my wife really wanted to be able to have surgery on the same day. And DR Baranov didn’t hesitate to help with that request he made sure that we would beable to care for each other but also have outside help while we recovered. So with our goals set me and wife set off to close all the rings we needed for surgery. The program makes sure your ready but also equips you with knowledge to be successful even before surgery. I was able to loose 40+ pounds before surgery which was a huge victory in its self. As me and wife worked through we found it definitively helped having each other as support because nothing was like the day when we found out that we were both cleared for surgery on the same day. Everything from that point on could not have been better all our pre op appts where educational but you really knew what to expect day of surgery which helped easy my mind going into it. The day of the surgery was like clock work and DR Baranov was with you the whole way which can’t be said by all providers these days. You get to pre op and he meets you there and makes sure everything in order for surgery. He then checks on you is post op and multiple times through out your overnight stay. He cares and that’s what stuck with me the most is he truly cares about his patients and there success with the program he even called me and wife personally a few day after we were home to make sure we were doing ok and to make sure we didn’t have any questions or worries. Now if you ask me there are not many providers out there with that kinda care. Me and my wife have nothing but great things to say about DR Baranov and his staff. So if you are the fence about weight loss surgery or treatment please go see DR Baranov and his staff because they will encourage you but also instill the right tools you need to be successful so from me and my wife who both had surgery back to back on 3/15 thank you DR Baranov and staff.