Dr. Baranov is fantastic! He does both surgical and nonsurgical options, helping everyone that he can. For me, it was Gastric Bypass surgery. I've had type 2 Diabetes for about 9 years and nothing made it go away. Keto diet, metformin, insulin... I've been through it all.

When my son was born and I'd reached 320 pounds at 5'2 during the pregnancy, I knew it was time for something permanent. I wanted to be around for my son.

Dr. Barnaov worked my miracle for me. I am 6 days post-op and my sugars have been in the 80-90 range without ANY diabetes meds. This is life-changing. This is worth it all!

Initially, I was nervous about surgery, having heard horror stories from friends who went to other surgeons. I spoke with my doctor who said Dr. Baranov is the only surgeon he would personally choose. Because Dr. Baranov is meticulous.

Rest assured Dr. B and his team are the best. They go above and beyond. Not sure what to eat/drink after surgery? No worries. Dr. B's team breaks it down weekly, making a super easy plan to follow post-op. High blood sugar trying to kill you slowly? No worries, Dr. Baranov can work a miracle for you too.