At the end of August 2017 I made the best decision on of life. I attended one of Dr. Baranov's seminars on weigh loss options. He is a eloquent speaker and very detailed. I left there knowing that this surgeon knew what he is doing and I know that he can help me on my journey. I made a appointment for a consultation with him personally. He reviewed my details ( obese, RA, diabetes, and high blood pressure) gave me recommendations on what he thought was the best approach. He is very strict but thorough.  His patient's well being is really his goal. Over the past few months  I went to nutrition appointments, mental health appointments, support group meets, and followed his strict diet and exercise routine. I love 20lbs before my surgery on 2/7/18. I am only days out of surgery and I am off most of my meds and feel wonderful. Dr. Baranov and his staff were there the whole process. I never felt like a number I felt like I mattered. I had some insurance issues and they went to bat for me days before my surgery. I believe that because of the amazing team in his office I am going to succeed to make all my future goals. I cant thank him enough.