I have been struggling with morbid obesity for years, and finally reached out to my primary doctor for help. He emphatically recommended Dr. Baranov. I’m so glad that he did! I had my VSG surgery on 11/11/20’ and everything went perfectly. Dr. Baranov took amazing care of me, and his whole staff during the hospital stay was wonderful. Dr. Baranov even stopped by the next morning to check on me himself. I stayed one night in the hospital, and was sent home to continue my recovery. I also received a phone call from Dr. Baranov days later checking on me again, and making sure I’m doing ok! I’ve had NO pain at all, and that is something I did not expect. I’m healing beautifully. All you have to do is follow his directions, and everything will go exactly to plan. I can not thank Dr. Baranov and his team enough for taking such great care of me. I’m so excited to continue my journey, and change my life! Dr. Baranov and his team really are the absolute best.