Vince before afterI wanted to go on a helicopter ride and the guy said I was too big. Horseback riding–too big. So many examples of what I couldn’t do when I was 300+ pounds.

I was on medication for high blood pressure. My wife and I were trying to have children for a number of years and it wasn’t working. I tried to lose weight in the past. I had friends who’d been to Dr. Baranov with great success. I’d been to the information seminar and he was very thorough and detailed. And I made my decision from there.

If you’re scared of the surgery, I understand where you’re coming from–but you’re in great hands. I have no more health problems, no more blood pressure medication.

Five weeks ago I had a new baby boy. And I’m not saying it’s THE cause but it is a cause why we were to be able to be blessed with him.