My experience with Saratoga Bariatric has been nothing but positive. Once I made the decision to make permanent and positive changes to my lifestyle and embrace a new and healthy relationship with food, I contacted them to start my new weight loss journey. Everyone there is so helpful and friendly. I had been warned that Dr. Baranov is a no nonsense kind of doctor and actually I prefer that. If you mess up, he will let you know but honestly it's because he only wants you to succeed.

If you are ready to make sacrifices to lose weight and better your health, I highly recommend Saratoga Bariatric. As long as you do what they tell you to, you will be successful.

I am 5 days post op as I write this and in the past 6 mos I have gone from 223 to 185. I have 40 more pounds to get to goal weight.
If I can do it, so can you!!